Annette Pehrsson

Annette Pehrson is a 22-year-old photographer living in Sweden. She's well known for using not only 35mm but also medium formats and polaroids. 

Nature and herself often take place in each of her shots. She usually records self-portraits in which she shows a little bit of her personal life. Last July, she published her first book, amazing as her.

Annette Pehrsson es una fotógrafa de 22 años de edad  que vive en Suecia. Es muy conocida por su uso de los formatos medios y polaroids. 

La naturaleza y ella misma forman parte de la mayoría de sus retratos. Annette guarda pedazos de sí misma  en cada una de sus tomas, mostrando un poquito de su vida personal. El pasado julio publicó su primer libro, increíble como ella.


1. What is exactly what you want others to see when you take a photo?
A scene or just a moment, as simple as that might sound.

2. What keeps you photographing?
It's a passion and what I love doing most of all. When I look at things around me in everyday life, my mind sort of has this mode which makes me constantly think "could I take a photo of this?", and I couldn't imagine ever losing this way of seeing.

3. Do you see a camera in your future? How do you see yourself in a few years?
Absolutely, I don't think I would ever be able to live a life where a camera isn't included. Though, with that said, I don't really think photography will be my main line of work in the future (it's probably a lot easier to have it as a side interest). But I would at least like to have job that is slightly related to it, like the one I have at the moment - I work as a webmaster and photographer for an online store in Sweden. Other than that I see myself hopefully living in another, bigger city, just taking things as they come to me. Truthfully, I think it is really hard to think about the future and to imagine what it will be like.

4. If you could only have three photos with you, which ones would they be?

5. Two words you think should be 'synonyms for color'.
Dreams and warmth

A day of the week: Saturday
A month: April
A camera: Zenit-B
A photographer: Nan Goldin
A color: Navy blue

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